"Love him or hate him, Proft has changed the political landcape for the Republican Party." - Capitol Fax | Mar 19, 2014


Jay Kinzler for State Representative

Tonia Khouri for State Representative

Jillian Bernas for State Representative

Ken Idstein for State Representative

Dan Caulkins for State Representative

Darren Bailey for State Representative

Chris Miller for State Representative

Jim Durkin and Mike Madigan Work Together Against You

Mickey Straub for State Representative

An independent expenditure group headed by GOP activist and conservative radio talk show host Dan Proft has received a really nice holiday gift. The Proft-run Liberty Principles PAC disclosed t...

Dan Proft will tell you he was “one of the more despised people” on his college campus. Since then, he’s been dubbed everything from a “bad apple” to a “carnival barker” by fellow Republican operatives.

In the days leading up to Tuesday's election, Orland Park voters are seeing an unprecedented barrage of television ads and mailers focused on the race for mayor.

Ahead of Illinois House Minority Leader Jim Durkin’s 2018 re-election campaign, an ad criticizing him for alleged collusion with House Speaker Mike Madigan (D-Chicago) began airing Tuesday on cable TV in Durkin's district, a posting on news website CapitalFax.com said.

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