"Love him or hate him, Proft has changed the political landcape for the Republican Party." - Capitol Fax | Mar 19, 2014

Brandi McGuire

72nd House District

”I am running for State Representative so that no child and no family ever has to go through what my daughter and my family went through.”

Brandi McGuire Won’t Be Bullied.

And She Won’t Let Government Bully You.

When politicians violated the Americans with Disabilities Act and their obligation to her daughter. Brandi McGuire took them on and won. – http://bit.ly/1QBuy6B

But she didn’t stop there. Brandi McGuire set up a charity to help other people challenged by epilepsy.- http://www.ribbonsforkellsey.com

Brandi McGuire’s faith informs her committment to be a servant to others. She is teaching her children to live lives of service as well.

Brandi McGuire believes it is time state government reflects our community’s values to follow the law and treat every person with the respect and dignity they deserve.